Photos of following postcards kindly provide by Mr Colin and Mrs Glenys Crase. Grange. South Australia.

Painting of "Planting of Palm Trees by Germans at Seppletfields"

Hi Mike.
Thanks for meeting with me today & thanks for the coffee. It was great to talk to someone else who is interested in the events that occurred at Torrens Island. Congratulations on publishing your book & I will let you know what I think when I’ve read through it all. Please find attached the items I promised.
The newspaper article titled ‘In Little Berlin’ contains the hilarious account of the ‘Goose Step Heroes’ that I was telling you about. It cracks me up every time I read it, just imaging Lude & his mates marching down the road with sticks of mettwurst hanging off their clothes swinging around.
The photograph (above) titled nla-obj-141208920-1 is the one that we discussed that could possibly be either the 1st site or the 2nd site. I think it is probably the 1st site; however, if it was the 2nd site the only place it could have been taken from was from outside of the barbed wire POW compound area, looking east to west, viewed from where the cell was looking towards the hospital tent & soldiers’ tents. The slope of the terrain throws me because neither of the sites seemed to have a slope like that. I obtained this photo from the National Library of Australia with their object ID number being 141208920. The link is here if you want to zoom in on the photo:
I have also attached copies of the photographs that I took of the paintings of a cottage at Torrens Island that were painted in the 1880s by a lady who went there on holidays. She brought them along to a talk that Peter Monteath did for the SA History Festival at the Burnside library in May of this year. Having another look at it I don’t think it is the Headquarters building that I saw in photograph 152029076 which I have also attached – to zoom into the photo use the link at The trees around the property & chimney on the building don’t seem to match up. Also, there would not have been room for the ships’ Officers’ tents between the building & the water as indicated on the map of the camp.
Kind regards,
Jacquelyne Ladner