South Australian newspaper articles on Germans in Australia during the Great War.

Germans in Australia

"Quarrels With Germans - West End Disturbance" is in the Advertiser,
7 September 1914, page 8g.

"Germans and Loyalty" is the subject of debate in the Register
7, 11 and 25 August 1914, pages 7e, 9f and 8h,
12, 14, 15 and 18 September 1914, pages 6c-10e, 9h, 7f and 4h, 
24 October 1914, page 12f, 
30 November 1914, page 13e, 
8 December 1914, page 12h.

As an Australian who has committed the crime of allowing German blood to flow in his veins - a crime to which the whole Royal family of England and Prince Louis of Battenberg must plead guilty - allow me to assure tou and all other sane and level headed Australians of the sincere loyalty of German- Australians, naturalised and natural born, to their King and country of their choice or birth..

"Germans and Official Positions" is in the Register,
1 December 1914, page 5a; 
also see 10 December 1914, page 9a.

"German Clubs" is in the Advertiser,
10 June 1915, page 13e, Register,
11 June 1915, page 7h.
"Changing German Names" is in the Register, 
18 September 1914, pages 4c-8h, 
"Changing of Names" in the Observer, 
21 August 1915, page 33d.

Also see Register, 21 May 1915, page 7e, 
1, 7, 11, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 30 June 1915, pages 10g, 11c, 
7h, 5e, 5b-e, 11f, 14g, 6a-10e, 7f and 9e, 
3, 7 and 12 July 1915, pages 12f, 10e and 8f, 
21, 23 and 26 February 1916, pages 4f-7c, 6g and 7f:

I am completely isolated from humanity because my grandmother was a German and she died in England 50 years ago. Surely it is not fair play; and how ashamed the people here ought to be when peace is declared, and we are again able to greet such good men as those who are now spurned in our midst.

"The Attorney General - Resignation of Mr Homburg" is in the Advertiser
19 and 20 January 1915, pages 7a and 6e, 
27 February 1915, page 14f, 
"German Clubs" on 
10 June 1915, page 13e.

Also see Register
11 March 1916, page 5h, 
8, 17 and 18 April 1916, pages 6d, 7g and 7e, 
5, 19, 24 and 26 May 1916, pages 5e, 7c, 4g and 9g, 
1, 2 and 3 June 1916, pages 7e, 4f and 8g, 
13, 22. 24, 26, 28 and 30 June 1916, pages 7d, 7a, 5d, 7f, 10d and 7e, 
1 and 8 July 1916, pages 5a and 3d:

It is lamentable to see men emulating the example of the informers in ancient Rome, microscopically searching for shreds of evidence to poison the minds of the community against all our German colonists... The most cruel, cutting and infamous aspersions are cast indiscriminately upon the whole of our German population...

Also see Register
11, 13 and 19 July 1916, pages 7c, 6g and 8g, 
9 and 28 September 1916, pages 7h and 9e, 
10, 15, 17 and 20 March 1917, pages 7d, 9b, 14b and 5d, 16, 
16 June 1917, page 14a, 
18 and 20 September 1919, pages 9f, 8f and 12d.

A letter from Rev John Blacket in respect of Lutheran Schools is in the Advertiser
7 July 1915, page 12e; also see 
17 July 1915, page 19f, 
14 August 1915, page 18h, 
3 November 1915, page 14i.

"Lutheran Schools" is in the Register on 
19 June 1915, pages 8c and 13a-d; also see 
28 June 1915, page 11e, 
3 July 1915, page 11f, 
10 and 23 September 1915, pages 9g and 10d, 
6 October 1915, page 7c, 
27 October 1915, page 7c, 
8 April 1916, page 12c, 
15, 16 and 20 June 1916, pages 7b, 6e and 7d, 
4, 7, 10 and 13 July 1916, pages 4f, 4e, 5b and 4e, 
18 and 23 September 1916, pages 7d and 5a.
8 and 14 December 1916, pages 7g and 9d.

"Teachers in German Districts" is in the Advertiser
11 April 1916, page 8d, 
"German Children and Australian Teachers" on 
24 July 1918, page 6g.

"German Schools" is in the Register, 
15 and 16 June 1916, pages 7b and 6e, 10 July 1916, page 5b.

"Close the German Schools - A Long List" is in the Observer, 
23 September 1916, page 22e;
also see Register, 
8 and 13 November 1916, pages 6h and 7f, 
2 and 18 June 1917, pages 6e and 4h.
"Exit German Schools!" is in the Register, 
22 May 1917, page 4g.

"German Language and Teaching" is in the Register,
24 September 1919, page 6f,
"Lutheran Schools" on 21 August 1924, page 8e and 6 November 1924, page 10f,
"German Schools" on 4 October 1924, page 3f.

Also see Register
8, 15 and 25 November 1916, pages 6h, 7g and 5e, 
8, 11 and 28 December 1916, pages 7g, 10b and 3c, 
5, 7, 12, 15, 16, 22 and 24 February 1917, pages 4d, 11b, 7e, 7e, 7a, 9d and 7e, 
21 March 1917, page 7b, 
21 March 1917, page 11a, 
22 May 1917, page 6e, 
12 June 1917, page 4h, 
22 May 1917, page 4h, 
2, 16, 18 and 21 June 1917, pages 6e, 9b, 4a and 6f, 
13 July 1917, page 6f, 
The Mail
1 January 1921, page 3a, 
2 April 1921, page 3f, 
1 April 1921, page 14e.

"Disenfranchising the Teuton" is in the Register, 
25 November 1915, page 4h,
"Out With the Germans! - Government Means Business" on 4 September 1916, page 5d,
"A Defeated Bill" on 28 September 1916, pages 6c-9e,
"Germans and Votes" in the Observer,
3 November 1917, page 27e.

A petition with 49,000 signatures was presented to the Chief Secretart from the All British League urging immediateand complete action against Germans in the community.. The objects of the petition were to disenfranchise persons of enemy origin, to remove such persons from the rolls of justices of the peace, to remove enemy persons from official positions and fill their places with British people and to close German schools.

"German Records" is in the Register, 
10 March 1917, page 7d -
It includes comment on early hoteliers, infanticide, patent pill pedlars, witchcraft, etc.
A rebuttal from Rev John Blacket is in the Register, 
15 March 1917, page 9b; 
also see 17 and 20 March 1917, pages 14b and 5d.

"German Names in District Councils" is in the Register, 
24 July 1919, page 9d.

"Parliament and the Germans" is in The Mail,
4 October 1919, page 2a;
also see 22 November 1919, page 2d.

"Hun Language in Lutheran Churches - A Dangerous Influence" is in The Mail, 
4 October 1919, page 3b.

"Lutheran Church Disturbed - Forget and Forgive" is in the Observer, 
4 February 1922, page 29e.

"The German Vote" is in the Advertiser,
3 November 1917, page 9e.

"German-Australian Soldiers" is in the Register on 
29 October 1915, page 5g. 
An informative letter headed "Our Early German Settlements" appears on 
17 January 1916, page 7a.

"Changing German Names" is in the Register, 18 September 1914, pages 4c-8h:

What, for instance, has "Hahndorf" done to deserve annihilation? What had it to do with the brutality in Belgium?... Let the name stand by all means...
(Also see Register
22 June 1915, page 5f, 
17 February 1916, page 7e, 
31 March 1916, page 7d.)

I hope to see the loyal spirit of all South Australians so great that they will be quite prepared to change the names of the German towns, and if we cannot find English names sufficiently suitable, then for Heaven's sake let us go back to Aboriginal nomenclature.
(Register, 12 June 1916, page 4i.)

Wherever they cast their lot they bestowed on their new home a name which suggested German associations. Mr Angas was full of praise for the achievements of these people in promoting the welfare of the land of their adoption, and his sentiments were those of most people in the halcyon days. But war destroys sentiment...
(Register, 12 June 1916, page 4i.)

"Some Names That Should be Altered" is in The Mail
27 May 1916, page 10d; also see 3, 
10 and 17 June 1916, pages 10c, 10c and 10c.

"German Names" is in The Mail
1, 8 and 15 July 1916, pages 10c, 10c and 10c, 
5 September 1916, page 10b.

"Teutonic Surnames Abandoned - Many Entertaining Changes" is in the Register
26 June 1916, page 6i, 
12 July 1916, page 6b, 
3, 4 and 5 August 1916, pages 5c, 7e and 13a, 
18 September 1916, page 4c, 
1, 3 and 8 November 1916, pages 11a, 4c and 6g, 
27 September 1917, page 5e, 
18 October 1917, page 4d, 
28 August 1918, page 4g, 
11 January 1918, page 7d, 
10 February 1928, page 12e:

The German names which we have so indiscriminately destroyed were, as Pastor Brauer has said, "statues of liberty proclaiming and perpetuating the glory of Britain, because they proclaimed to future generations and ages that these pioneers had been accorded in a British province the liberty denied them in the country of their birth." We made a mistake when we decreed the ruthless destruction of such memorials...

Also see Advertiser
11 February 1928, page 19f, 
15, 16, 19 and 20 November 1929, pages 28c, 22c, 22c and 24c, 
2 December 1929, page 24c, 
The Mail
5 March 1932, page 2f, 
21 September 1935, page 2f and 
South Australia - Nomenclature of South Australia.

"Alleged German Disloyalty" is in the Register, 
8 April 1916, page 6d-i.

"German Colonists" is in the Register,
8 and 11 July 1916, pages 3d and 7c.

"German in the Public Service" is in the Advertiser,
21 March 1916, page 6e.

"Aliens and Votes" is in the Register
3 August 1916, page 4c, 
"Out With the German Language" on 
2 November 1916, page 4f, 
"The Foe in Our Midst" on 
3 September 1917, page 6g.

At a rally of that league in September 1917 it was stated that its object was "to see that in future there would be no German members in Parliament and no German votes to put them into the legislature, while one of the speakers, Hon J.P. Wilson, MLC, said he advocated the disenfranchisement of Germans and public notification of all persons of alien origin who changed their names.

"Germans in Australia" is in The Mail
10, 21 and 28 April 1917, pages 4e, 8f and 6f, 
"News From Our Local Berlin - Father Would Shoot Son if He Enlisted" on 
7 July 1917, page 6d, 
"Germanism in the North" on 
18 August 1917, page 4d, 
"A Win for the Germans - Votes Not to be Taken Away" on 
3 November 1917, page 2d.

"Reprisals Upon the Germans", a comment by Rev John Blacket, is in the Register,
20 June 1917, page 9e.

"Interned Germans" is in the Register
6 July 1917, page 5b, 
"Germans and Votes" on 
1, 5, 6 and 9 November 1917, pages 6c, 8e, 7d and 6g, 
2, 3, 4, 7, 14, 17, 21 and 23 May 1918, pages 4h, 7e, 10b, 7c, 7g, 7h, 7g and 6h-7f:

Once more, as a true Britisher, I enter my protest against the pesty, spiteful and indiscriminate persecution of people who are as innocent of this diabolical war as are the members of the so-called "All-British League". The conduct of those who are leading an indiscriminate crusade against all our German colonists reminds me of the "Jew-baiting" that was common on the Continent not many years ago... I know a German husband and wife who have given to this war three sons two of whom will never return...
(Rev John Blacket, 7 May 1918.)

"Our Kaiser Towns - Interned Exiles Returning" is in The Mail
31 May 1919, page 2d.

"German Names in District Councils" is in the Register
24 July 1919, page 9d, 
"Lutheran Commonsense" on 
19 March 1921, page 8e, 
"Enemy Arrests in Australia" on 
15 September 1922, page 8e, 
"Out With the Huns - Amazing Happenings in German Districts" on 
5 July 1919, page 2d.

"Torrens Island Revelations - Maltreatment of Internees" is in The Mail
17 May 1919, page 2d.

"A German's Will [A.L. Brunkhorst, jeweller} is in the Register, 
29 July 1919, page 4e.

"German Language and Teaching" is in the Register
24 September 1919, page 6f, 
"Lutheran Schools" on 
21 August 1924, page 8e and 
6 November 1924, page 10f, 
"German Schools" on 
4 October 1924, page 3f.

"Lutheran Church Disturbed - Forget and Forgive" is in the Observer
4 February 1922, page 29e.

"Reopening of Lutheran Schools" is in the Advertiser
8, 15 and 16 October 1924, pages 13g, 13d and 12g, 
6 November 1924, page 12e; also see 
11 October 1924, page 60d. 
A correspondent to the Advertiser on 
16 November 1929, page 22c says:

Another Act was passed during the war which caused distress and sorrow, namely, the closing of German schools. True, they may open again, and a few have reopened. But very few of the main sufferers are now teaching. That Act has driven me right into poverty, penury and want.

"Parliament and the Germans" is in The Mail
4 October 1919, page 2a; also see 
22 November 1919, page 2d.

"Hun Language in Lutheran Churches - A Dangerous Influence" is in The Mail,
4 October 1919, page 3b.

"Germans in SA" is in theRegister
15, 16, 18 and 20 September 1919, pages 3h, 9f, 8f and 12d,
2, 4 and 11 October 1919, pages 3g, 3g and 12e.

"German Language - Attitude of Returned Soldiers" is in the Register, 
26 September 1919, page 9c.

"Germans at Loxton - Recruiting Sergeant's Experience" is in the Observer,
6 December 1919, page 35c, 
17 April 1920, page 30a.

Source SLSA :The Manning Index of South Australian History/Germans in South Australia

World War I was perhaps the first modern war in which there was a large and active pacifist movement amongst the civilian populations.
The debate generated much propaganda and many publications on both sides.
Printed handbill, 1916. Accession number: ECPO 630
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